Directional Non-Force Technique® Chiropractic
Training and Educational DVDs

Call our office to order training DVDs as online submission is temporarily non-functional

The "DNFT® Essentials Series" - now on DVD

The NEW D.N.F.T. Leg Measuring and Thrusting
D.N.F.T. Palpation and Body Marking

Basics of Approach

The "DNFT® Learning Series" - now on DVD

Cranials - now available on DVD!
Soft Tissues  very popular DVD
Check back for - Cervicals, Thoracics, Low Back, and Extremities DVDs.  All will be available in the future

The "DNFT® Sequences Series"

There are some copies of Vol 1, 2, 3, & 4 still available on VHS at special price.
Dr John may make Volumes 1 through 4 available on DVD.  Call for information on this.

Sequences Volume 1

Sequences Volume 2

Sequences Volume 3 Sequences Volume 4

Sequence Series Volume 5 - NOW AVAILABLE - a DVD with
3 patient adjustments and almost 2 hrs of material.

The "DNFT® Educational Series"

Heartbeat of the City Cable Show - available on DVD

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