Directional Non-Force Technique® Chiropractic
Training and Educational DVDs

Call our office to order training DVDs as online submission is temporarily non-functional

The "D.N.F.T.® Essentials Series" - on DVD

The NEW D.N.F.T. Leg Measuring and Thrusting
D.N.F.T. Palpation and Body Marking

Basics of Approach

The "D.N.F.T.® Learning Series" - on DVD

Cranials - now available on DVD!
Soft Tissues  very popular DVD
Check back for - Cervicals, Thoracics, Low Back, and Extremities DVDs.  All will be available in the future

The "D.N.F.T.® Sequences Series"

As new technologies are in effect in 2015, the old Sequence Series #1 to #5 are no longer produced as those protocols have been superceded.
There will be new "Sequence Series" videos produced in the near future to reflect the current technologies now available in Directional Non-Force Technique® Chiropractic.

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