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Dear Doctor or Student;

The D.N.F.T. Website Classifieds are intended to be of special interest to those doctors and students of chiropractic who are D.N.F.T. practitioners.  We, therefore, reserve the right to refuse a classified ad if it involves techniques, equipment, or information that do not relate directly to Directional Non-Force Technique.

The terms of D.N.F.T. Internet Classifieds are as follows:

Type of Classified

*To create information web page - 1 to 3 pages including graphics, text, links, Email. For a short paragraph description plus Email link, and/or link to external website, if available
Practice or equipment for sale $150 $25
Practice opportunity available $150 $25
Situation wanted n/a $25

* Contact out office for more information about how we can create an ad for you.
Once created, the ad will run as long as you desire, at no additional cost.  We need to be notified after every 3 months, that you desire the ad to continue for another 3 months.

Please provide us the following contact information:

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Practice for sale
Equipment for sale
Practice opportunity available
Situation wanted

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