Directional Non-Force Technique Chiropractic is the original low force method of chiropractic, first developed by the late Dr. Richard VanRumpt (1904 - 1987), and now further developed by his successor, Christopher John, DC. 

Dr John leads D.N.F.T. Chiropractic and teaches it worldwide. Since 1986 he has researched and advanced D.N.F.T. technologies into the powerful and loved chiropractic product we have today.

Directional Non-Force Technique chiropractic methods utilize a diagnostic system for subluxation analysis consisting of gentle challenging and a unique Reactive Leg Reflex  This testing allows the body itself to indicate the locations and directions of misaligned structures that are producing nerve interference. A gentle and directionally specific thumb impulse provides long lasting corrections to bony and soft tissue structures.

D.N.F.T. chiropractic protocols are able to achieve these structural corrections without the torque, strong force, and associated articular sounds that are often associated with traditional chiropractic.  D.N.F.T. Chiropractic is a patient oriented approach that provides maximum, long lasting relief in a swift and effective manner. Low numbers of initial visits without the need for frequent follow up is the clear intention of this method.

Dr. John maintains a referral list for patients who are seeking a D.N.F.T. practitioner. Those on the list must be current with D.N.F.T. Seminars, and pass written and manual tests.  Dr. John conducts these modular seminars for doctors and students of chiropractic. 


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